Thursday, January 17, 2013

Scrappy Trip Along - Night 3 Progress

Last night I was able to get another 6 blocks done on my Scrappy Trip Along quilt, its coming along really really well.  I have 14 blocks so far and am planning on making 20 for the quilt top.

Right before I went to bed I tried out two different layouts.  The first one was Diamonds:

The second was a Zig Zag pattern:

I think my vote is for the diamond pattern!!  I really like it over the zig zags for this quilt but I wont make a final decision until after all the blocks are competed and squared up.

Tonight is my guild meeting (thank you to my amazing Sister for watching the kids so I can go tonight - hubby is away) so I don't think I will get any piecing done tonight.  I'm going to bring my Eye Spy and Party Monster quilts to the meeting tonight for show and tell.  Neither of them are 100% finished, I am having issues with my binding and I'm hoping that some of the fabulous ladies there can give me a few tips to make it easier.  I have no idea why joining the end tails of binding is such a problem for me, but it really does (I've already messed up on the Party Monster binding three and a half times - it had to be put away for a few nights!).  There has to be hope for me of 'getting it' soon.

Thanks for stopping by - see you tomorrow!

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