Sunday, November 13, 2011

Homemade S'mores Please!!

I wanted to mix it up tonight and do something fun with the girls since they have been bouncing off the walls all day and thought that doing a fun dessert that they could help with would be awesome.  Enter the S'more!  I've seen a ton of different tutorials all over the internet but I decided to just wing it and make our own as we went along (no following of rules in this house for me ;))!

We started with a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper (that stuff is amazing and the clean up is a breeze with it!!!) and put down a bunch of graham cracker squares.

Next I had the girls lay out a generous layer of mini marshmallows (and they ate almost as much as they put on the graham crackers I swear!) trying to make sure that we didn't pull the base crackers apart.

Then we put a few kid sized handfuls of chocolate chips on all the marshmallows (of course eating more as we went along!) to add that wonderful melty chocolate'ness......!

Then we put the cookie sheet in the oven set to broil (note to self - hit 'self clean' on my oven in the very near future!!!) and waited for the marshmallows turn an awesome wonderful shade of toasty brown....!

Still waiting....!

And waiting some more....but the toasty'ness has started!

The final product!  I wish I had of taken a picture of it without the graham crackers on top to show the awesome golden brown marshmallows!

Cruddy picture - but amazing s'more!!!

Too bad I've eaten like 7 of these so far tonight - I need to hide them soon or the rest of them are going to find themselves going the way of the first 7!

We will definitely be enjoying more of these in the future!


  1. Fun baking project! Easy and quick enough to hold a young person's interest and I know of two young people who I'm going to be doing this with. Thanks a million!! :)

  2. Those look really delicious! I would have to say s'mores are my favorite dessert. My kids would just love to make these!


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