Saturday, November 12, 2011

Got the Fixin's to Finish!

Ok, I'll admit it I have way too many Work In Progresses going on right now.  I just can't help it, I either see something online that I just must do or I find some fabric that I just must have!!!  ;)  It really isn't conducive to actually finishing stuff since I just want to move onto the next awesome project (quilt or otherwise) that I want to tackle.  I'm like a cat that sees something shiny and gets easily distracted!!

Most of my lack of finishing projects stems from the fact that I don't buy the batting and the backing at the same time I buy the fabric for the quilt top.  Since I don't have all the material available I tend to take the 'I can get it later' approach and put the quilt top down and take forever to actually finish it.

Enter Exhibit A:

I got the backing and batting for not one but TWO quilts the other day.  No more excuses to not finish the Crazy Cat Quilt or the Tumbling Rubies Quilt! The black fabric is for the Crazy Cat Quilt.  I wanted something fairly basic since its going to be a wall hanging for my Mom and her Husbands house and no one is really going to see the back.  The red butterfly fabric is for the Tumbling Rubies Quilt.  Its super soft flannel and will be so comfy to cuddle up in and a great accent color for the Ruby fabric top.  I'm debating a pieced back and throw in an extra row or two of tumblers to mix up the back a little.

I know I said I had no more excuses but that wasn't quite true. I still don't have a sewing nook yet and I'm not 100% sure where my pinning table went (its either hiding in the crawl space in the basement or tucked in behind all the toys in the garage, I'm not sure!!) - BUT that should all be taken care of by the end of the week if the stars align correctly this week.  Hopefully once my sewing nook is put together or I find my pinning table (a folding card table that I don't mind if I scratch) whichever comes first, I'll be able to get to work on finishing both of those quilts.

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