Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Eye Spy Mail Received!!

Oh happy day!  The family and I took a drive today and as we were leaving the house we stopped at the mail box and much much much to my delight my eye spy fabric that Sandra at Sew In Peace was there!!  Yippie.  I'm glad that my wonderful husband was driving so I could flip through all the squares and I did just that.

The swap was for 120 5 inch squares - and what a swap it was!!  There was monsters, horses, dogs, cats, bumble bees, dragonflys, fruits, vegetables, boots, kids, jelly beans, cherries, telephones, crayons, fire hydrants, teddy bears, fish, chicks, lions, cars......a TON of different fabric!

Another stack of fabric....

And another stack of fabric.....!

All the squares together  - what a lovely sight!

I have to say a BIG thank you to Sandra again at Sew In Peace for organizing this swap - THANK YOU!! ;)   I also need to say thank you to all the other swappers that contributed all the amazing fabric - my children and I are going to have hours and hours and hours of enjoyment together looking at all the fabrics that will be pieced together into our family Eye Spy Quilt.


  1. You are so welcome Kari! I'm so glad your package arrived safely. I also was delighted with the variety of fabrics participants contributed to the swap. Can't wait to see the quilts you will make with your squares:)

  2. Some awesome fabrics in there! :)


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