Sunday, September 16, 2012

Time just keeps on ticking.....

Ever have one of those days where you feel like time is just grains of sand slipping through your fingers far too quickly?  I guess I'm having one of those days.

I knew life with three kids (5, 3 & 1) would be busy, and I do love them all to death I just have no idea how to manage life so I can get it all done!  Between cleaning, laundry (the never ending laundry!!), meals, school - both kindergarten and preschool, grocery shopping, organizing my house and trying to play/get one on one time with each of my kids done every day is the master juggling act that I feel like I'm failing miserably at.  

Ok to say I'm failing miserably is probably taking it a little too far - my house does NOT look like something out of Hoarders nor does it look like something that Martha Stewart would be proud of!  My kids are always in clean clothes, are happy, and most of the time get pretty good food to eat (although McDonalds has been visited far too much in the last week because I have been so sick with this darn cold to feel up to making dinner a few nights).

I think I just need to find my groove and now that the girls are in school I can actually make a real plan to get stuff done (like a major purge of my kids clothes that they have all grown out of recently - what is it with siblings needing brand new wardrobes at the same time?!?) and then I can cross items off "The List"

Sorry, I feel like this has been one long rambling post.  Mostly I just feel like I needed to write some stuff down to figure it out so if you have stuck with me for this long I should at least reward you with a sewing picture!  ;)    As I said earlier it was Miss S's 5th birthday this weekend and she requested that we put up a LOT of the DIY Streamers even the 'boy' coloured ones, she just wanted the party to be colourful and happy (lord I love that little girl).  So I made a few more streamers to add to our little collection and we have 7 different streamers taped to various parts of my ceiling (it looks like a streamer factory blew up in here but the kids liked it!).  I also made the bunting in the picture below.  I've been eyeballing them all over the internet and finally decided to make one and I love how it turned out.  I think I'll be making a few more of these for future parties!

Hopefully I'll get a handle on life one of these days (or at least fake it until I start making it!!) until then, sew on my friends!  ;)

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  1. It can get a little crazy, can't it? I was there at one time with five little ones. They are now grown so know that they do eventually grow up and leave home. You will wonder where those days went and you will miss them. I know that is hard to imagine as I remember people telling me that. At the time I thought they were all crazy, but they were so right. All I can say is enjoy making memories. Forget the small stuff as cleaning and laundry will wait. The children will not!!!


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