Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pictures, Pictures, PICTURES!!!

Yippee! After at least two months of not being able to upload any pictures because our hard drive was too full on the laptop I was finally able to download a ton of pictures today! My lovely, wonderful, amazing husband got the two external hard drives to do whatever they needed to do and with the additional purchase of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 I now have a pretty sweet way to manage all my pictures on the big computer upstairs! 
I won't unload all our summer pictures on you at once but here are a few that I fell in love with as I was downloading them.
Miss L on our "Mount Splashmore".  My Sister got the kids a huge inflatable bouncy house that turns into a waterpark thing when you attach it to the sprinkler.  Unfortunately its a pain to dry out so we only set it up and put water in it a few times this summer but we have been blowing it up for the kids to slide down and bounce in dry and they quite enjoy it. 

My beautiful Miss S, I took this with the new camera when we were camping this past weekend.  Shes such a little cutie. 

Mr. C - I totally can't call him Baby C anymore.  Hes 13 months old, walking and gets into all kinds of TROUBLE!!  I took this picture of him when we were camping this past weekend as well.  It drives my husband nuts that there is a big tree in the foreground but I love this picture - Mr. C just looks like hes getting ready to make a break for sweet freedom and trouble!

I am SO happy to have my new camera AND an awesome way to now store all our photos.....and by all I mean we have a ton....I seriously need to go though them and get rid of all the duplicates, blurry ones, finger shots and all the "why did I take pictures of my feet" pictures but thats for another day. 

I did manage to get a little sewing done today but I'll save that for tomorrow! 

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