Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sickness and a little bit of Sewing.....

The sickness bug has struck our house and has knocked Miss S out for the count.  Yesterday she woke up with a sore throat, I told her that if her throat was sore she would be staying home from school.  Miraculously her throat got much better after that so we went to school a few hours later.  As soon as her teacher opened the door at pickup today she said Miss S was complaining of a sore throat all class (little turkey lied to me so she could go to school).  I took her temperature and it was pretty high - fast forward to this morning - and skip over the barfing last night and she had taken a turn for the worse.  Poor thing was all splotchy and super warm so we made a family trip to the doctors to get her checked out and she has Scarlett Fever, which is essentially strep throat with a body rash.  

Needless to say we picked up lots of juice, ice cream, popsicles and soup so we should be set for the next few more days at home since she's contagious and we don't want to get anyone else sick.

You need to squint to read it - but that does say 102.6F
The one nice thing about a sick kid is they want to be mellow, and the nice thing about sewing is the fact that it IS pretty mellow and its the perfect thing to give a mellow kid is fabric to organize!!!  I had Miss S help me with my Eye Spy fabric today when Miss L was napping (Baby C hung out with us too and 'supervised') and we managed to get a little bit done before heading out to the doctors.

We went from 8 squares with boarders to 12 - its not a ton but at least its progress and it was awesome to get some sewing done with Miss S helping me.

She also helped me with fabric selection - all the squares on the left she picked out of the pile for me to sew in the strips.  

Hopefully the medication will help Miss S out and I'll have my rambunctious little girl back soon, until then I'll cherish my calm little sewing buddy the next few days.

****On a totally different note my 1 year blogging anniversary is coming up this weekend and I've decided to celebrate with my very first giveaway!!  Stay tuned for more info!!!****

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  1. Poor little thing!!! She must have been miserable. There seems to be so much strep and stomach bug out there right now.


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