Friday, January 27, 2012


Here I sit alone in my living room.

The girls are actually quiet in their room (I still loathe the fact they share a room since bedtime can get a little more than chaotic at times but they love it).

Baby C is sleeping (for how long I'm not quite sure since he's teething and has been a bit ornery today but I'll forgive him since hes too cute).

Mr. Quitapotamus is at a hockey game with his work buddies since they got 'the good seats' and I opted to stay home since Miss S is getting over Scarlett Fever and I'd rather not unleash that on a babysitter.

So here I am, pondering sewing a little more today - I made 7 bean bags with the girls tonight, but thats a post for a different day - or do I stay sitting in my recliner with my chocolate covered almonds and chips......?  As Dr. Zeus would say "what would you do?"

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