Thursday, January 26, 2012

I came, I saw, I CONQUERED!!!

Months ago - four and a half to be precise - my amazingly wonderful husband bought me a Bernina Serger for my birthday that could do pretty much anything I could ever want to do.

The problem is I had NO IDEA how to use it!!  

Over the past few months I tried a few times to thread it and with two kids running around and holding a baby I just couldn't figure it out so I put it away for a time when I could attack it when I was by myself.  Well last night was that night!!

Haha - yes that is the instruction booklet open beside my serger!!!
I'm so glad that my husband wasn't downstairs with me since I must have sounded like a raving lunatic talking to myself all alone in the basement but it worked - I actually serged something:

Since I hadn't been able to figure it out I didn't have any serged projects to start on last night so I just played with some scrap fabric that I had in one of my bins - and it didn't help that it was 11:00 at night.  I just might have to frame this little scrap as my proof that (when given a little bit of quiet time) I can actually figure some sewing stuff out without YouTube!  ;)

Now that I've got two different techniques (overlock and rolled hem) sort of figured out I get to add MORE to my WIP pile!  I forsee some dress-up clothes for the girls and maybe some play bags that will be made in the near future now.


  1. Yeah! You will have fun with it. Does the shop offer classes? You can learn so much through them.

  2. Way to go! Your practice looks great!


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