Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shes Growing Up - And I'm holding on for dear life!

Spring is starting to slowly make its appearance around here lately, the other day it was +20C and the past two days we have had snow on the ground.  Thankfully the snow melts by lunch time and its almost nice enough for the kids to go out to play in the backyard or on their bikes/scooters.

Just after lunch a school friend of Miss S' came to the door and asked if she could come out and ride her bike with him.  Part of me wanted to shout 'NO you are my baby and I can't let you outside alone, without me - EVER! ' But then part of me knew that she is so desperate to have friends her age to play with.  So as hard as it was I said she could go outside and I have been camped out by the front door mostly watching this:

Its just the sidewalk/road in front of my house, but every minute or two I happen to see this:

A streak of purple jacket, pink helmet and a SUPER happy smile.  Shes having so much fun out there and while I'm not one of those parents that can let my 5 year old play outside 'unattended' for long, I definitely am hovering by every single window that looks out on the front I'm glad that she is out having fun with her friend. 

I have no idea who told her that she could grow up so fast - every once in a while it hits me that I have a 5 (FIVE) year old and I wonder where the past five and a half years have gone - they have flown by.  

I'm trying to find the little things lately, the little things that make me smile, the little things that I need to hold onto and remember because its the little things that get forgotten in the daily rush of life.  Its the awesomeness of Miss S coming in from riding her bike/scooter and wanting to snuggle with me on the couch before we have to pick up Miss L from preschool.   Life is good.  

Thanks for stopping by - see you soon.

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