Monday, December 10, 2012

Sickness, Christmas Tree and Ladybug Wings

Its that time of year again - Christmas you say?!  NO - that other time of the year; when everyone gets sick!  NOT my most favourite time of the year at all to say the very least.  Thankfully after most of us getting sick over the past week I'm hopeful to think the worst is behind us.

We did manage to put up our tree this week - sorry for the horrible picture but all I could find was my iPhone.  The girls did most of the decorating and they did a fantastic job.  I made sure that all of the breakable/good ornaments were out of Mr. C's reach since he thinks the tree is awesome and wants to redecorate all the time!!!

I have a few favourite ornaments but I'll post more about those another day when I have the good camera out and I can get way better detail.

Miss S has her Winter Concert this week at school - she is so excited.  Its about Bugs and I've been privy to a few of the songs she gets to sing.  Its going to be adorable!  They are allowed to chose the type of bug they want to be so Miss S decided she wanted to be a lady bug and I needed to figure out some kind of costume.

She didn't have a plain red shirt so off to Walmart we went today and scored one for $6!  Next up was dots and wings.  We had black felt that I figured I could cut dots out of and we had pink wings leftover from Halloween.  I've seen tonnes of people spray paint stuff on blogs so I figured I could just spray paint the wings and be done - which worked GREAT except for the smell!!  How do I get the spray-paint smell off the wings by Wednesday?!?!  If the paint smell doesn't come off by tomorrow I'll see if I can pick up another pair of wings and we can just put the black dots on the new wings and they'll be just as cute.

Sorry for the sideways picture - I tried to take this picture three times and each time blogger made it go sideways and I have no idea how to flip it so sideways it will be!!

Thanks for stopping by - see you tomorrow!


  1. Booo for being sick. I hope you feel better soon!! For the photo, when you download to blogger select the photo and right click on it (or is that left click) should see a prompt for rotate image. Click on that and then load the image to your blog. Does that make sense?

  2. If you put the wings outside for a couple hours the paint smell should be gone. They're very cute. Good luck!


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