Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Finished Wings

Miss S's Winter Concert is tomorrow and I finished her costume tonight.  Its really nothing too special, since I didn't want to wreck a perfectly good (brand new) red long sleeved shirt - especially right before Christmas by sewing big circles on it!  So I did the oh so classy route of safety pinning the felt circles to her shirt.  She decided on circle placement - not me!!

The wings in the above picture were the 'spares' just in case the spray painted ones were too stinky.  

Below is the finished wings!  

Miss S didn't get to see the finished product before she went to bed so she is going to be very excited in the morning.  The concert should be cute tomorrow - she has one 'performance' at 9:10 that the family is going to and then another one at 6:30 that the grandparents and I are going to.  I figured the evening show would be way too busy for Mr C. to be running around and Miss L has been downright inconsolable past 6:00 most nights lately because shes so tired.  I believe in situational behaviours and if I put two very overtired kids in a room full of 300 parents they are going to freak out and I'd rather that not happen!  

I'll post pictures of the concert tomorrow!  

Thanks for stopping by - see you tomorrow.  

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