Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Quilt on the Go - A Quilt for My SIL!!!

I am SUPER excited about my newest quilt on the go (and no I haven't finished any lately, I just added yet another one to the WIP pile!!!) - a Quilt for my SIL.  

I have been saying for YEARS that I really want to make a Granny Square quilt and my SIL has been saying saying that she would like to make a quilt - the problem with both our 'wants' is I don't crochet (very well!) and she doesn't quilt (very well) so we decided that we could make each other a quilt/afghan and call it the Great Quilfghan Swap!  I found some fabric that I LOVE and am waffling between two different patterns that use the same quilt blocks and I've been going to town on it the past few days.  

The only problem with doing this quilt is that I can't show it to you until its done because my SIL reads my blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise for her!!  I've been sewing like a banshee for the past week and actually have quite a bit to show for it but I can't post any of it.  Once I give her the quilt I'll be able to make a MEGA post all about it!  

I think I'm going to call this quilt Domestic Handbag.  Domestic is part of the fabric line and Handbag is an inside joke between my SIL and I (that I'll explain when I show off the quilt!) and I think she'll get a serious kick out of it!!  

Off to get a little more sewing done before having to pick Miss S up from school.

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