Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Pay it Forward Challenge - Tissue Holders! So cute!

So I finally got motivated to pull out the sewing machine after over a month hiatus and I forgot how much I LOVE sewing!  I love figuring out what to make, what fabric to use, the right sizes to cut....even though it totally stresses me out!

I made Tissue Holders for my Pay it Forward Challenge - I thought they would be cute in a purse or diaper bag and who doesn't love a cute funky print?!

After two screw ups cutting the big squares I was ready to go, up until I had to 'stitch in the ditch' for one of the binding strips.  Not really knowing what I was doing I decided to WING IT - nope, not the best thing to do when sewing since it usually involves seam ripping but I wound up lucking out and not screwing up anything too bad!

I've made two holders so far and have four more to go but I just HAD to post my work.....I think they are so I need to figure out how to post pictures!  Please stick with me while I learn my way around!

Thanks for stopping by The Purple Quiltapotamus.

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