Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Monthly Quilting Plan - May

I must admit, I've always been a big planner/deadline lover except for when it comes to my quilting.  I've always taken on a 'it will get done when it gets done' attitude and that has pretty much resulted in not a lot of finishes and a TON of WIPs.  Now that I have finished a few quilts in a row I'm loving having something to show for all that work - an actual finished project!

Last month I sat down and wrote out all the WIPs I could think of that I had on the go and attempted to organize them into manageable 'piles'.

I had it organized into Almost done, On the Go, Need to Quilt, Want to Start, and Will take Forever columns.   Thankfully I have already managed to cross off the Eye Spy quilt (I need to do a blog post on that one!!) and my Scrappy Trip!  Two down, only a zillion more WIPs to go!  ;)

I only have to do the binding on the Party Monster Quilt so that shouldn't take too long - I just have to hunker down and put a few hours of hand stitching in.  Then I also have some binding to do on the Tumbling Rubies quilt.  An amazing lady from my quilt guild offered to do the FMQ on that quilt and from the pictures she took its incredible!!  I am so happy and I can't wait to get the binding done and have another finished quilt.

Aside from the binding on those two quilts  pretty much everything else is in the piecing stages.  I really want to get the Crazy Cat quilt done for my Mom (its only taken me almost three years), and I also want to get the girls quilts done but I am waiting on fabric to come up from the states.  I ordered it a few weeks ago so hopefully it should show up sometime in the next week or so.

I have a few 'extra' quilts that I have started but I'm not sure what I want to do with them so they aren't high on my list of priorities but I would love to get a few of them done.

Lastly I have my Dirty Thirties quilt that I wanted to have done by my 31st birthday (I'll be 33 in September) that is the epitome of meticulous and after calculating how many individual cuts I would have to make I got horribly discouraged and vowed to take it out much later.  I know that I have gotten so much better with my piecing over the past few years that it won't be so bad now but I just have to make some time to get to work on it and I'm sure it wont seem like such a daunting task.

My deadline of June 1st is approaching, and without a machine its a little hard to tackle my WIP list (its still in the shop), but I can do the hand binding on one quilt and get the binding ready for another so all is not lost!  Hopefully at the end of May I will have a bunch of quilts off my WIP list and maybe a new one or two added.  ;)

Thanks for stopping by - see you soon. 

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