Sunday, February 5, 2012

A little more Eye Spy Goodness.....

Another day and I managed to get another few minutes of sewing in - every little bit counts right?!?!?  At least thats what I keep telling myself!

I got 28 more Eye Spy squares done with a little help from Miss S.

I think all together I have somewhere between 60-80 squares completed so far. 

I'll lay them all out tomorrow and see how many more I need to have done to make even rows and start the squaring up process so I can start sewing the rows together.  Originally I wasn't going to square each one up but I know that some of my seams are off so I might as well do it RIGHT the first time rather than just winging it and hating what I have done.  

Day 15 of the Quiltapotamus 365 Project is in the books - not bad if I say so myself!!  

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