Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quitapotamus 365 Project

I must confess, I LOVED Blogtoberfest!!  

I managed to blog almost every day (I think I missed 3 days out of 31) and it helped me get on top of my sewing that month and keep in touch with my followers.  So that being said I am starting the Quitapotamus 365 Project - I'll try my best to blog every day (or as much as possible) for the next year.  I can pretty much guarantee that its not all going to be about sewing, it might be some family stuff, random pictures, food stuff, organizing....pretty much anything that I have going on but I'll try to keep it mostly to sewing or at least something crafty most of the time!

Hopefully you'll all enjoy - and maybe even learn a thing or two over the next 365 days and I'm sure I'll learn a ton along the way!

I've got my post for today done and I even have a few more in the 'ol inbox ready to go for the next few days!

See you tomorrow

1 comment:

  1. I've got a bit slack on blogging this week, been quite busy with study, but hope to get back into it again after Wednesday.


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