Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quilt Block #2 - EPIC FAIL......

Wow - I should NOT be sewing today....... I was all excited to do the second quilt block for the Quilt Along hosted by Skippity Do Dah Quilts so when I saw that she posted this weeks block up I jumped to my fabric stash to see what I could use for this block.  Not only did I cut the wrong size fabric....I cut the wrong size fabric THREE times.....  The instructions from the quilt along were perfect, it was just me and my rediculous baby brain that kept messing up.

I cut 4 3/4" squares rather than 4 1/4" squares.... and 4 7/8" squares rather than 3 7/8" squares.... and I completely forgot and cut my re-cut 4 1/4" squares into quarters rather than in half...(those are the pink triangle tails you can see in the upper right hand corner of the picture)...

I am pretty sure these triangles are ok but I REALLY need to put my sewing stuff away for the day so I don't do the angry sew thing!!

Well I'm bummed, I was totally looking forward to my finished block today but due to my continued screw ups I guess they'll be a tomorrow thing!  I love the look of the block and I think my crazy fabric colors might actually look pretty good this week - it will be interesting to see if tomorrow is as disastrous as today was!  


  1. Keep at it! Take a break for awhile...have a nice dinner and try again!

  2. I have had SO many days like that!! I want to quilt so bad...just dive into that fabric...but try as I might, I cut stuff wrong, sew the wrong pieces together, etc. I usually give up and decide the Sewing Gods must not want me to sew today!! Tomorrow will be better!



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