Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quilt Along - Block #1 Finished!!

I started the Quilt Along on Tuesday but for some reason when I was trying to finish it that night my sewing machine decided that it was done for the day and kept eating fabric.  So rather than throwing a hissy fit or fighting with the machine I called it a night and came back to it today.

The purple boarder looks almost blue in the picture but it turned out better than I thought it would which is always a plus!

I went through my stash again to see what 'might' work together without having seriously CRAZY color patterns going on but I think any way I look at it I'm going to have one psychedelic quilt on my hands.

This week was a learning experience for me since I've never done Hour Glass blocks before but I'm really happy with how it turned out.   I'm looking forward to next weeks block - hopefully I'll know how to do it if not let another learning experience begin!  ;)


  1. I love the border :). Don't worry, this quilt along is a learning experience for me too!

  2. I really like that block and I am a fan of the brighter colors.


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