Monday, June 20, 2011

Bean Bag!!

I started off this evening making a pillowcase dress for Miss L to match her big sisters dress I made last night but procrastination got the best of me and I wound up searching blog land and Etsy to avoid the dress (its not hard to make I just wasn't in a dress kind of mood).  I stumbled onto a cute little tutorial for making bean bags...!  What kid doesn't love to toss around a bean bag?!?

DISCLAIMER - I grew up in a house where throwing things inside was forbidden - even now I think its a great rule to have for the house and one that I do enforce with my kids (and husband!).   That being said I can't see the harm in the girls lobbing these around the living room into laundry basket or something like that.  I stuffed them with poly pellets rather than actual beans in case the girls want to take them outside and play and I don't have any beans in my house at the moment.  

This took a whopping 15 minutes or so to make and I used scraps from Miss L's dress that I haven't made yet!

I think the girls are going to love it - now I need to make more than one or they will probably fight over it!!  Plus I can see myself playing with them when the girls have gone to bed......opps was that my outside voice?!?!?

I think Miss L and Little Dude are going to have a full supply of these in the very near future (perhaps some cousins too!?!) - I just need to find some different ribbon since the stuff I used is all the ribbon I seem to have in my house.   Seems like an excuse to go shopping to me!  ;)

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