Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Flower Wednesday!

Wow, its Wednesday again and time for some 'gardening'.  I got two more flowers done this week.

Now I have a total of 6 flowers in my garden.  I'm going to start to sew them all together with the white spacer in between each flower in the next few weeks and then keep adding the bizillion more that I need to still do!

I was going to do a wall hanging but I think I might do a table runner instead.  I love the way they look and it doesn't have to be too big either!


  1. Oh, I like the sounds of a table runner too! What ever you decide will look wonderful.

  2. They look great! Classic red and white!


  3. Wow! Red and white! I never thought of that for a flower garden. I love it!! Table runner is a good idea. I've been trying to decide how many to do also...maybe I will play around with what I have and see if it would make a table runner. Then, I can start on new colors of hexies!!

    Deb from

  4. I can imagine you love the way they look, because they look wonderful. Enjoy!


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