Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My little Crafter in Training

I was working on my {horrible} crochet skills tonight in an attempt to get better and wound up having my almost 4 year old desperately trying to help me (which just lead to serious yarn tension issues) then it got me thinking that maybe there was something that she could do with yarn that wouldn't tick her off too much......enter the Knifty Knitter!!!  I've had this thing in my basement crafting tower for years and never really used it much.  We did a quick watch of a knifty knitter tutorial on YouTube so I could attempt to remember how the darn thing worked and then Miss S used the hook to loop the loops on the loom!  It was fantastic!  

She was pretty proud of herself - we got four or five rows done before she decided she was done (and I was surprised she lasted that long!)

She did the hooking and I did the looping.....such concentration!!!

Trying to figure out the easiest way to use the hook.

Her finished product for the evening!!

I'll keep it out to see if its something that she will want to try again with in the next few days or weeks and if not we can always put it away and do it again when she's a little bigger.  


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