Monday, May 9, 2011

Epic FAIL!!

I have a confession, I am a crocheter wanna be....I've tried and tried and for some reason I just can't do the fine art of Crochet!  My SIL has tried to teach me multiple times but I tend to mess the tension up, drop stitches or invent new stitches....!  Its really impressive to screw up on something that bad while trying numerous times to get the hang of it.

After an evening of watching a few episodes of our current TV show on DVD series this is what I wound up with.....

Pretty sad thats what I got accomplished in like 3 hours - but in my defence the Wraith were bombarding Atlantis and I had to pay attention to the shows we were watching!  After a while I noticed that the few rows that I had been working on didn't look 'quite right' and figured I should attempt something new (I should have consulted youtube for some crochet tutorials but why do that when I can wing it instead?!?!) so I did some hook-loop-yarn through the loop-and repeat type thing and wound up with the stitches at the top of the rectangle.

Apparently the 'hook-loop-yarn through the loop-and repeat type thing' is an actual stitch!!!  My SIL verified that I had indeed did a real crochet stitch!

So I got a good start under my belt with my sad little rectangle that I promptly ripped apart after I took pictures of it because I had to destroy any hard physical evidence of my bad crocheting skills.  Time to keep practicing and maybe, just maybe I'll be able to make something somewhat worthwhile eventually! ;)


  1. You should switch to the lovely art of knitting - MUCH easier I think!

  2. Not bad Kari, its all about practice, practice, practice. Try a granny square, they are super easy and there are some excellent tutorials on youtube.

  3. Thanks Carmen, I've tried Knitting before - it didn't end well!! ;) Maybe I'll try it again - the sweater you made for your husband was lovely!

  4. Thanks Annette, I've been practicing a bit more and haven't wound up with crazy squares again!
    I have watched a few demos on YouTube and its so much easier to pick up on things when you can see it rather than the books that I was trying to learn from.

    I remember you made one of your little guys a pumpkin hat a year or two ago- did you do that from a pattern or just made it up as you went along?


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