Friday, May 13, 2011

Crazy Cat Quilt - Progress Made!!

I am loathe to admit it but here it goes: I screwed up - and I have been avoiding the Crazy Cat Quilt for MONTHS trying to figure out how to 'fix' my little screw up.   I cut off about a 1/4 inch too much off each cat panel and in turn I needed to figure out how to cut down each and every piece of fabric for the quilt by that much without making the squares on the patchwork pieces look too small on the ends.  Finally after a few days of taking some measurements, laying a few pieces out on the table, measuring some more followed up by a little praying I took a deep breath and tried to square up the first patchwork piece hoping I that I didn't screw it up AGAIN!  It took a few trims to get it to the right size but I would much rather cut not enough off a few times rather than cutting too much off (which got me in this mess in the first place!!) but I finally got it!!

I managed to get the first two columns done before my head started to hurt way too much but I am totally loving the way its turning out.  You can't really tell that the boarders around the cat panels are going to be smaller than they should be - then again I bet if I never mentioned it you never would have known!!

I took the picture below in the fall when I was first working on this blanket, sorry its sideways!!  Just do the head-tilt thing and enjoy the sideways quilt'ness!  ;)

(Disclaimer so I don't get yelled at tonight or tomorrow by those who love me and might be reading this: I wasn't crawling around on the floor getting up and down to lay all the fabric out and then standing on the couch to take the picture TODAY I promise!  I bent down twice to lay out the two strips in the first picture this evening and thats all.... I have been a good girl and have taken it easy this evening!!!)  

I think this is going to be a super awesome quilt when its done.  I still have no idea how I'm going to finish it I think I might just do the 'stitch in the ditch' technique and call it a day.  Its pretty busy so doing too much to the top might take away from all the cute cats!   I don't have backing fabric for this quilt yet but I can probably do some shopping for it once the top is all finished in a little bit

This was supposed to be a house warming gift for my Mom and her Husband when they moved into their new house in July last year.....I think it might be a 'Happy 1 year of being in your new house' gift.....!  Hey, better late than never right?  


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