Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Husband Rocks!!!

For the past few months (ok more like 7-8) I have been drooling over the Accuquilt GO fabric cutter and everything it can do. I tried to convince myself that I just needed the small one - the GO Baby - but after looking at them and researching and figuring out what kinds of projects I like to do I finally had to admit that the little one wouldn't work in the long run for me.  There are quite a few Dies that I want to try that I can't use at all on the little one.

My husband and I went out to look at it the other week but I just couldn't pull the trigger on it because of the cost. Its not a cheap but its soooo very cool!  Now that I have been put on rest by my doctor I just can't do the same rotary cutting that I was able to do before without getting cramps in my lower back and stomach and we want to say away from those as much as possible!!  

Last night my husband came home from work and surprised me with the GO - its sooo awesome. I wasn't able to play with it too much last night but thats my plan for today! I'm so excited! I have some leftover flannel that I want to try to make a tumbler quilt out of. I think its going to take a while but I can't wait - its going to be fantastic!!

Here it is in all its glory...!!!

The sides come down and you roll the Dies (template cutters) through the middle thingy.

Some of the Tumbler pieces I cut out - I have an idea for a cute flannel blanket for a super cute little birthday girl in the fall....

I was playing with the tumbler pattern last night and found some cute monster fabric to cut up - I LOVE the tumblers...!  

The Die that came with the Accuquilt is the Value Die and it does triangles and two different sizes of squares - no more hand doing triangles for me!!  Love it!

I forsee a super cute blanket with lots of piecing involved...(and no I didn't cut all the fabric today - it was a combination of last night and today!!!

Now if only I could sit down and cut and roll all my fabric through my Accuquilt all day, but alas I need to take it easy but at least I have something I can work on little by little over the next few months and years!  

Thanks again sweetie!  

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