Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Happy Summer Wall Hanging

So I managed to make a little bit of progress with the Happy Summer Wall Hanging yesterday - its still a work in progress since I've changed the design three or four times already and I'm sure I will a few more times before I finally finish it.

Originally I thought it would be cute to just do random traingle-squares and have a central square pattern to anchor the wall hanging together but the more I used the Accuquilt to cut my triangles the more I realized that I could make some cute pinwheels so I could have some sort of a pattern to make the piece  a little more cohesive.

I only managed to get four of the ten pinwheels put together before I got frustrated from sewing the wrong squares together and needed to put it away before I got angry and did some damage with my seam ripper!

I'm still not sure how big its going to be or what other twists and turns it might take over the period of time it takes for me to finish it - until then its just cute and all the bright colors are making me pretty happy on this gloomy Thursday!!


  1. I just showed a pinwheel quilt using the same fabrics. You will LOVE it! Those pinwheeels can be tricky to get them all going right!!! Hang in there.

  2. Hello Kari,

    Lovely colours in your blocks. Lucky you getting a go cutter. Have fun.
    Happy days.


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