Sunday, November 6, 2011

Basement development - now onto Painting!!

Last week they finished up the drywall/mudding/taping/stippling for the basement development.  Now we are trying to figure out a paint color - WHY oh WHY does picking paint need to be so hard?!   It seems like each time we come home from Home Depot or another home improvement store the paint chips we've grabbed have either been too light, too fleshy colored, or just too blah.  We have however, agreed that the back wall where my sewing nook is going to be is going to be PURPLE (yes my husband agreed to a purple wall - he rocks my world!!)!  A very light shade of violet that will peak out from behind the white built-ins my husband is going to install for me - have I mentioned how awesome he is?!?!

Other than the purple we can't seem to agree on a wall color but we need to get on it since my Husband is off on his 11 day changeover (and 3 of those 11 days are either OT days or a work meeting day so its really only 8 days) and I really want this basement painted ASAP!  Then we can get the carpet in and the trim and get everything down there.  The girls are so excited for their playroom (but I think Mommy might be a little more excited that they can go downstairs for a bit during the day for some playtime while I enjoy a tea or just some quiet time for a few minutes with Baby C.).

I have been taking pictures as the development has gone on but I'll do a dedicated post to that - tonight I'll just share what we've got so far:

The basement from the bottom of the stairs looking straight in - its not a big space but where the window is we are going to put the couch and big screen and in the back corner where the pipes are sticking out is my sewing nook.....yes the pipes are still going to be there but they'll be hidden around the built in drawers.

The view looking from where the TV would be under the window - towards said sewing nook - yep....still excited!!!!

The view from where the TV would be looking towards where the kids playroom will be.  They have a ton of toys and a nice big play kitchen that will take up most of the space but it will be so nice for them to have their own dedicated toy area!

Thats it thats all - hopefully we'll be able to pick out paint colors tomorrow or Tuesday and either tackle the painting with the girls over a few days and hope no one gets too messy; or call in a few favours from friends and have a good old fashioned painting party and get it done in one day without the girls being home (Ohhhh Grandma.....!  ;)).

Now I'm off to bed and will probably be dreaming of paint colors since I've been looking at paint websites all night!


  1. Oh that looks gorgeous and so big. I'd be so hanging out to have that room finished if it were me. I can't wait to see the finished product with the new purple wall ...

  2. It is going to be srunning when you are finished. The selection of paints is always so tough.

  3. I know it's the most boring paint choice but since there is just the one window, have you thought of just painting it white? Pretty much anything else you pick with work with white, and then you can always change it if you find something else. Whatever you choose it will be a great space for everyone to enjoy :)

  4. Good luck picking paint colours, Kari! Yes, this is the hardest part. Our basement is painted a very slight off-white and the carpeting is a mottled warm beige. Love the idea of the purple wall (so appropriate) - we have a cranberry wall in our diningroom and a red/purple wall behind our bed in our bedroom and still love both of these shades. Have fun!

  5. Wow! Looks like you will have an awesome space to be creative. Good for you! I often tell me husband sewing is much cheaper than therapy:)

  6. Looking good, can't wait to see it finished! :)

  7. We've had an unfinished basement for too long. It would be nice to have a comfortable space down there. It's exciting when you get to the point where you get to choose the paint. I agree that it can be hard, though.


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