Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I've got MAIL!!

A few weeks ago I signed up for the Eye Spy fabric swap hosted by Sandra at Sew In Peace and turned into an eye spy fabric MONSTER.  Suddenly they were the absolute coolest quilts out there and I needed more fabric even though I had 120 5 inch squares coming my way at the end of the swap - yes sometimes I have fabric OCD and this was one of those times!!   I wound up visiting A Girl and A Glue Gun and just as I was on my Eye Spy fabric hunt I saw she had a listing in her Etsy shop for two sets of 50 6 inch eye spy squares for a super good deal that I just couldn't pass up!!  

Miss S and I walked to the mail box this afternoon and I was SO excited to see a big beautiful package in the mail!  I wasn't sure if it was the Fabric Swap fabric from Sandra or the Etsy fabric from Kimbo @ A Girl and a Glue Gun but I quickly figured out it was the Etsy fabric - needless to say Miss S and I walked faster on the way home than we did on the way to the mail box to check out all the fabric!!

Kimbo even wrapped the fabric up in pretty paper so it was like opening my very own present of fabric - the best present of all!  ;)

100 glorious squares in all different patterns: turkeys, soccerballs, trick or treat, cupcakes, cats, race cars, carrots, lemonaid, dogs, bowling pins, robots, puzzle pieces and a ton of different other fabrics were in the package and Miss S and I spent at least a half an hour going through them all and me quizzing her on what was in each fabric.  

I CANNOT WAIT for the fabric swap fabric to come in - 120 more squares of fabric goodness to go through with the girls and get to work making a large throw quilt for all the kids to play on.  I have a feeling I'll be making more than one of these quilts for the kids since they'll probably fight over who gets to play on it.  

Just and update on the basement finishing - thank you to everyone that left comments about paint color!!  We want to stay away from white since its going to be a playroom and the thought of three small children down there with white walls makes me want to commit myself since the walls would be soooo dirty!  I think we found a nice light brown (so boring yet it goes with everything) and we are looking at carpet tomorrow.  If all goes well it should be finished late next week and I'll have my very own sewing nook in the back corner by the weekend!!  So very excited!!

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  1. received mine too....still planning on making three boy I Spy quilts for my great nephews...


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