Thursday, July 14, 2011

I haven't killed the Garden yet!!

Well for someone that has anything but a green thumb my little garden is almost thriving!!!  I still need to put my strawberries in a proper planter but they are doing really well in their little pot they came in so I'm still pretty happy.

A tomato!  A REAL tomato!   Too bad the leaves are super dry and look dead but the plant itself seems healthy.

My tomato plant - it looks a little decrepit but its got quite a few tomatos on it.  I guess the plant doesn't have to look pretty to get some good fruit going!

Strawberries!!  The girls where thrilled to eat these (I had to sneak one for myself but thats the only one I've had) and keep looking outside every day to see if there are more that they can wash off and eat.

My nieces tomato plant.   I think I'm the most proud of this little plant because I haven't killed it yet!!  

I'm really looking forward to next year when I can really get going with the planting and actually being able to work in the dirt a little more.   For now I'm super happy with my little piece of gardening paradise  in our backyard and I'm loving the fact that the girls are learning that not all food has to come from the store!  

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