Thursday, July 21, 2011

Darn Hail......

Well, at least it wasn't me that killed the big tomato plant - it was the hail.....the hail and the wind that kept knocking it down... I'm pretty bummed since there are some pretty good tomatos on it already.

A closer look of the carnage!!  I might be able to salvage the single stalk in the middle but all the offshoots need to be cut off, I'm just having a hard time going through with the actual cutting...... 

BUT - there is a glimmer of hope on my deck - my nieces tomato plant that I was terrified of killing is actually sprouting a flower that might actually turn into a tomato!  I totally wasn't expecting this.  I never thought the little plant would survive in my care, hopefully it will do well over the next little bit until I hit my SIL's house again and bring my niece her (not dead) plant!!

Apparently I CAN grow strawberries though!  I have three big pots that have all given at least a few strawberries that the girls have been able to eat and all three have a ton of blooms on them and quite a few strawberries that are growing!  I'm super excited about these - so are the girls they keep asking to go out and water them and can't wait to eat them!  I still have to plant them in a planter box since I don't think they'll survive the winter in their original pots but I can deal with that closer to the fall.

I might bust out my AeroGarden in the fall so the girls can have another try at growing Tomatos and I don't have to worry about hail, wind or lack of water with that!  Plus its pretty neat to be able to eat fresh tomatos in the fall and winter.

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  1. I was driving through woodbine yesterday and the amount of plastic covering plants was nuts. So sad that we have to deal with that every summer.. And if it's any consolation I'm saying its a bad year for tomatoes it has nothing to do with us, hail etc. Mostly because mine SUCK. lol This is the first horrible year we've had for tomatoes in 10 years.


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