Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is the last birthday in our house for the 2012 year - and its MINE!  My husbands birthday is in January, Miss L is the end of July, Mr. C is the end of August, Miss S is the 15th of September and mine is today (September 19th).  I love birthdays but when birthday season starts in July its go go go go go and we have four family birthdays within the span of 53 days!

My AMAZING husband got me a fantastic birthday gift:

Its the new Canon Rebel T4i and I can't wait to figure out how to use it!  We had been tossing around a few different cameras but we liked how this shot good video as well as took amazing pictures so the Rebel won out.

Hopefully my husband can offload our 8000+ pictures (what can I say - I like to take pictures!!) to our external hard-drive soon so I can actually start to download all the fantastic new pictures that I can't wait to start taking!  Our laptop is past capacity and needs a serious cleaning/wiping/scrubbing since it has zero room for any new programs or pictures which is seriously hampering me uploading photos lately!

We are off camping this weekend with our three kids, my two nieces, nephew and my mother in law - wish us luck!  I'm hoping to share some picture of that when we get back - and I seriously need to get to work on my Domestic Handbag quilt since its due for my SIL in a little over a month!

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  1. Happy Birthday Kari and what a great gift! Good luck camping and looking forward to seeing some good pictures from the new camera. I need one really bad, too.. I have just been using my cell phone all the time b/c it takes better pics than my real camera. ?? Hope you have a great birthday! xo


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