Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Epic Bread Fail

Some days it all comes together - and some days it all goes to junk - and somedays you have a little bit of both!

Yesterday I made some sweet sweet stew.  It was super good and even the kids liked it (which is a rarity around here these days - oh how I miss the days when my kids would eat anything I put in front of them!!!).

So after the success of my stew yesterday I decided to tackle bread.  I figured it couldn't be too hard, after all I had Julia Child's 'Easy Bread' Recipe that I was using!!!

I started throwing ingredients into my mixer and was so excited to get some lovely dough that looked like this:

Instead I got this:

 When I tried to knead it for a bit to see if it would help - it looked like this:


I think my first inclining that my bread wouldn't work out was when my mixer was having issues kneading the dough - then I started to smell burnt motor (coming from my good KitchenAid stand mixer) ....then it all went to junk.  

Oh well, good thing I had some store bought buns on standby to go with the lovely stew that I made.  

And on a super positive note - I got some sewing done yesterday!!  

I'll post my latest creation tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh, I know that lump of bread a mile away! When in doubt do it by hand. Mix everything as best you can with a utensil and then your hands. Kneed forever. Make sure your flour is fresh, your liquid is warm, and your yeast is room temperature. I failed SEVERAL times before I enlisted help, so one try and fail is no biggy! :o)

  2. For everytime you fail, you get closer to succeeding. Good luck with the next batch, hope it works out.


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