Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Sewing Nook!

This is part two from my post from yesterday.  My wonderful husband and kids surprised me with an amazing serger for my birthday on Sunday and while the girls were sleeping we managed to put together a sewing nook in the corner of our basement.

The 'Before' Picture

My Husband was too quick for me to get a real before picture but I ran upstairs and grabbed the camera for as much of a 'before' picture I could get!  Its an unfinished basement but during the day the light is good and I'm on the lookout for a good light I can get to really brighten up the space at night.  

 The new serger in its place of honour on my storage tower.

 The complete Sewing Nook!

Sorry for the dark picture - we need to put in a few more lights or something down there but when you are actually sitting down at the table its fairly bright.  I have my storage towers on the left, my serger is on the black tower (which is actually an entertainment stand that I pilfered from the corner of the basement that wasn't being used).  My sewing table is open with the leaf out and I have my Brother sewing machine all ready to go.  Under the table is my SIL's sewing machine that I need to give back to her.  I have my accuquilt in the corner of my cutting table (forgot to put my cutting mat on the table for the pictures but its on there now).  Under the cutting table is my old Singer sewing machine along with a few extra totes of fabric.  I have my accuquilt tucked away in the corner along with all the dies that go with it - I may have to find a better place to put the dies but for now I think they are out of reach of little fingers.

The pink and white quilt that is on the wall was a baby gift for my oldest from family friends - I thought it brightened up the space really nicely so we put it up rather than having it tucked away in a box that we don't see often.  

 Storage Storage Storage!!!  

On the left is a storage tower with 98% stuff I need to get rid of and the other 2% is stuff I need to organize.  Its got a little bit of yarn, some knitting needles, disney crafting stuff, my marriage licence (should probably put that in a better spot!!!), some scrap booking stuff and some other odds and sods that I need to go through.  The small white storage tower has all my sewing stuff in it - thread, needles, scissors, fabric, odds and ends.... I still need to go through it and organize it but its so nice to have it all in one place!!  The black storage tower has my kits, jelly roll fabric, and all my 'nice' fabric!!  I've put my junky fabric under my cutting table but I want to be able to see my nice fabric and be inspired!

My rulers are super close to my cutting table and ready to go at a moments notice!

My sewing set up!

And finally where the magic happens!  My sewing desk and my Brother sewing machine. The quilt that is hanging up behind my machine is my very first quilt I ever made.  I took a quilting class with my Costco special Singer sewing machine (that was 10x louder and clunkier than anyone else's in the class!)  and I love that its up to remind me of how far I've come.  Not to mention its the only quilt I've completed that has 'grown up' fabric - all my other quilts that I have made have been baby or kids blankets with CRAZY fabric so its nice to have something pretty to look at an be inspired by.

Its definitely a work in progress, I'm still on the lookout for something that I keep my scissors, cutter, pins and a few other things on my table while I'm working but for now I'm quite happy with my own little space!

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  1. Wow, you have a lot more sewing stuff than I do. Sergers are scary, but so fun :)
    Do you ever go to Noodlehead, it's a good blog and she has a tutorial for some fabric trays that would be pretty, plus they look quick and easy :)


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